Sawtooth Valley Gathering

Sawtooth Valley Gathering

Sawtooth Valley Gathering

2016 Sawtooth Valley Gathering

Volunteer Sign-up

Lend a hand at Sawtooth Valley Pioneer Park to help us

co-create another safe and joyful Sawtooth Valley Gathering in 2018!

Volunteer Info: Volunteers will receive a comp ticket to Sawtooth Valley Gathering in Stanley, Idaho!
  • 1 completed Volunteer shift will earn a SVG Day Pass for the same day.
  • 2 shifts scheduled receives a SVG Weekend Festival Pass & Tent Camping.
  • 3 shifts scheduled receive a SVG Weekend Pass and Car Camping.

A $20 Volunteer fee will be implemented to help the SVG pay for Volunteer t-shirts, water, snacks, shade, facilities, etc.

Volunteers will receive volunteer instructions closer to event date. There will be a pre shift meeting where a quick job description will be done on site prior to working scheduled shift. This is where all volunteers ask questions about what they will be doing, and be directed to job location. All volunteers will need to schedule a job time this year and will be placed into position onsite. If a volunteer has certain work restrictions please send an email to and we will accommodate to your individual situation. Also all volunteers need to remember to stay sober during their shifts and to represent Sawtooth Valley Gathering in a positive, professional manner. Only wear your volunteer shirt while on shift or you might be asked to help if you remain in uniform in your off hours. Being a volunteer is a privilege not a right. DON’T ABUSE THE VOLUNTEER SYSTEM. This is how Sawtooth is staffing the festival. Make sure to show up to your scheduled shifts!!! Hit me up with any questions you might have leading up to the festival!
Courtney Sibbett MPM
SIBBZ Industries LLC or 208-869-9299
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